Current Tenants

Useful numbers etc.

Property Manager – David Paterson

My Property Manager, David Paterson, is the first point of contact for any problems.

Landlord – Robert Nam

If you need to contact me directly for something, I prefer you to text or email me. Please refrain from phoning unless it is an emergency.


In a dire emergency, you may contact the following tradesmen directly, but always tell David or myself as well.

Electrician (e.g. lights, sockets) John Francis 07920 575412
Burglar alarms Andrew Grattage 07889 247933
Gas, heating, boilers and plumbing Dave Fry 07970 149880

Other useful numbers

National Gas Emergency Service For Gas leaks 0800 111 999
For Beeston: Broxtowe Borough Council pest control/refuse collection – ask for environmental health
Council Tax
0115 9177 777
For Dunkirk or Lenton: Nottingham City Council pest control/refuse collection – ask for environmental health
Council Tax
Parking Permits
0115 9155 555


I visit each house during October, when everyone has settled in. I hope to meet everyone then. This is to answer any queries, check the inventory, inspect any work done over the previous year and see if any new work needs doing.

Notes on contract

Common issues

Locked Out

Spare sets of keys are kept in Nottingham. You will be advised of where you can collect them, but if the spares are not returned, there will be a charge. There will be a charge if this generates a callout.

Vacuum cleaners

The most common reason why one doesn’t work is that someone has not changed the bag. Please check before using. There will be a charge for any vacuum cleaner that needs servicing for this reason.


In the older houses during the cooler months, moisture can appear beneath windows or on exposed walls in the rooms such as chimney breasts and in corners. The rooms need airing regularly by opening the window: even twenty minutes a day will make a difference (and will also dissipate unpleasant odours). Re-arranging the furniture in your room every few months can also help. A common problem is when damp clothes are left drying on radiators. The moisture in the air will settle on the coldest areas. Dehumidifiers are available in all houses for when opening windows is not practical. Always open the window during or after having a shower or bath. If any mold appears, make sure it is wiped off promptly with a cloth and bleach, otherwise it may spread. Vents have been inserted in various rooms: please do not close them apart from in exceptional circumstances. Use your extractor fans in the bathrooms. If there is a significant mold problem you must let me know.

Blocked Drains

One common cause for blocked drains is putting fat down the sink. Please would you take care to drain fat into plastic cartons or a can or a cup before throwing away in with general rubbish.


If a room gets worn, it will eventually be redecorated. This is approximately every 5 years. If a student wants to repaint his or her room for fashion reasons, then he or she must pay the costs and advise me in case it’s an outrageous colour or design, for the sake of future tenants. If the décor is worn but not enough for me to redecorate yet, I might reimburse the costs of the paint and brushes.
Please note I need to be advised of any nails for shelves or pictures. Pipes and electric cables are to be avoided!


Very often I find I am answering the same queries from more than 1 member of a household more than once. This indicates that individual tenants are not passing on information. This is especially a problem in the larger houses. What I suggest is that in each house you have some sort of noticeboard for messages, where you can leave any letters from me to tenants and print any emails from me too. Details of when tradesmen or myself are going to call can also be put there. Most houses already have one in place.

Duty of care

If there is a problem which may lead to further damage you need to inform me as I don’t carry out monthly inspections. Examples of this are damp not due to condensation (e.g. guttering problem), a leaking roof, or a leaking shower cubicle.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy your stay. My philosophy is to have rental houses to the standards similar to what the average student might have at home. To achieve that goal, it also means that tenants need to give that same care that they would when at home.